At CIRCLE – The Centre for Innovation, Research, Creativity and Leadership in Education, we are driven by our mission to achieve better outcomes for more learners. It is our belief that the complexities of twenty-first century living and the challenges that arise from them will only be solved by addressing the quality of education offered to all people. Central to this is the quality of our teachers and therefore the quality of the learning experiences and relationships that are shaped by teachers. What this means for schools, is that they need a positive climate for learning, both for teachers and students.

At CIRCLE we have considerable experience in bridging the gap between the world of management theory, leadership understanding and educational practise. We understand how classrooms work, how the playing fields work, how the yards work, and how the common rooms work. We know what its like to be in a school, and work day in day out, as hard as you can to help kids. We know what its like to be frustrated, we know what its like to achieve success. And we understand that it’s a process of incremental improvement, over years of careful, diligent, patient, working with people, that is most likely to see the outcomes that everybody wants for our schools.

For this reason CIRCLE is committed to supporting schools and organisations transition from a mode of reactive operational thinking to a culture of authentic leadership based on sound decision-making principles and proactive planning.

Throughout our work, we focus on enhancing:

 + Learning: understanding, creativity and innovation

Strategy: alignment, efficiency and effectiveness

Wisdom: reflection, evaluation and improvement

We accomplish this through using our unique architecture of knowledge to support learners, educators and leaders. Our solutions address the potential gap between intentions for educational improvement, and the actions and measures needed to achieve these desired outcomes for improvement.