CIRCLE is the proud partner and sponsor of a range of organisations within and outside of education. We value our strategic alliances and enjoy working with and alongside these bodies to achieve our mission of better outcomes for more learners.

Qualtrics and CIRCLE have a shared vision – to empower schools to achieve the best possible outcomes for all students.

This partnership brings together CIRCLE’s professional expertise in Australian K-12 education with the world’s leading survey and insights platform, created by Qualtrics. CIRCLE and Qualtrics are excited to share their combined knowledge and experience with schools aspiring to excellence.

Find out more about the partnership here.

The University of Tasmania is an international university working out of Tasmania. UTAS is committed to the creation, preservation, communication and application of knowledge, as well as excellence in all teaching, research and scholarly activities.

CIRCLE and UTAS share a mutual vision for excellence in education and a commitment to provide appropriate learning to support this vision. To this end, CIRCLE is delighted to partner with UTAS, building powerful and sustainable links between CIRCLE and the Faculty of Education.

Founded in 1995, the International Boys’ Schools Coalition is a not-for-profit coalition of independent, parochial and public schools from around the world dedicated to the education and development of boys worldwide, the professional growth of those who work with them, and the advocacy and the advancement of institutions that serve them.

Since 2008 CIRCLE has been a valued sponsor and partner of the International Boys’ Schools Coalition. During these years, CIRCLE has been well-represented at IBSC annual and regional conferences all over the world.  CIRCLE staff have presented many workshops on topics of shared interest: leadership development, strategic planning, and action research. More recently, a number of IBSC schools have joined the MCEP – Measuring Character Education Project – led by the CIRCLE Director of Research.

The Alliance of Girls’ Schools is a not-for-profit organisation which aims to promote the education of girls in single-sex schools and increase public awareness that single-sex schools provide the optimal learning environment for girls.

CIRCLE has been a partner of AGSA since 2012, and is a strong supporter of the work that they do. Together, CIRCLE and AGSA have undertaken exciting joint projects, such as the production of the Empowering Young Woman book in 2014, and the facilitation of the Aspiring Leaders Conference in 2013 and 2015.

SEQTA Software, founded in 2006, is making a real, lasting and equitable change to the quality of teaching in K-12 schools by building web-based applications that save teachers time, reduce administrative workloads and revolutionise communication with students and parents.

CIRCLE and SEQTA have a shared vision of adding value, and inspiring change in education, to achieve better outcomes for more learners. We look forward to working together to achieve excellence, through an alignment of complementary products and services.