Our Values

We do what we do because of our unwavering commitment to our core purpose of improving outcomes for more learners.

James Martin once said in The meaning of the 21st century (2006) that:
To make human civilization work well [with 21C technologies] and exist at peace with Gaia, we need another revolution, putting into place the desirable management, laws, controls, protocols, methodologies and means of governance. This is a complex and absolutely necessary transition – the 21st Century Revolution …

Whether the revolution happens smoothly depends on the education that is put in place and how widely it is acted upon.

CIRCLE understands the significance of this challenge. The process of building strategic capacity to obtain improved outcomes for learners, is clearly aligned to our own organisational values:

Authenticity: acknowledging truth – leadership “for real”
Transformation: enabling change – leadership “for change”
Sustainability: nurturing the team and protecting resources – leadership “for life”
Service: serving others first – leadership “for others”

The achievement of outcomes in all areas of a project requires sensitivity to the internal cultures of a school and its divisions, as well as an understanding of the key relationships and also the capacity to work beside staff without supplanting their role. Dynamism, flexibility, confidentiality and discretion are essential. In approaching the challenge of these types of tasks, our team is pleased to build a strong relationship with a client and to enhance our understanding of its culture, relationships and personnel.


Our Logo

Our logo is drawn from a family heritage of art-making, design and creativity. It comprises a series of layered imperfect transparent circles that represent the interconnection and intricacies of organisational culture building.

Our circle moulds to the shape that people require. Our logo isn’t a perfect circle because we are flexible and push boundaries. We are creative and develop ideas and solutions that are personalised. Not everyone fits into the perfect mould of a circle and so we tailor our services to match the uniqueness of each school and organisation.