Our Values

Relationships and values are the start and end of everything we do.

We value authenticity, transformation, sustainability and service. These values are articulated into a culture of leadership as follows:

Authentic Leadership

  • Underpinned by a commitment to the truth.
  • Ensures that your actions have genuineness and integrity.
  • Demands honesty in your relationships with others and, more importantly, the capacity to be true to yourself.
  • Is best achieved when you are inspired by your values to match them to your actions as best you can.
  • Requires you to develop a deep knowledge of yourself.
  • Is made possible through a combination of self-discipline and compassion.

Transformational Leadership

  • Brings about necessary change in people’s lives.
  • Transforms the needs, values, preferences and aspirations of followers so that the interests of the wider group replace the self-interest of individuals within that group.
  • Inspires followers to not only perform as expected, but to exceed expectations.
  • Motivates followers to work for goals that go beyond immediate self-interest, where what is right and good becomes important.
  • Moves people from a position which enables them to meet their current needs and those of their school’s culture to one where they can adapt to the future needs and the changing context of their community.
  • Combines a futures orientation with a respect for the honourable and successful traditions of their past.

Sustainable Leadership

  • Brings about change that enables your team and team members to continue to grow.
  • Is a shared responsibility that preserves resources wisely and cares for the surrounding community and environment.
  • Actively engages with the forces that affect it, and builds an environment of diversity that promotes cross-fertilisation of good ideas and successful practices in communities of shared learning and development.
  • Requires principles, policies and processes that specifically aim to pursue change at a rate and level of resources which your team can manage.

Servant Leadership

  • Acknowledges the obligation to serve the needs of others before your own needs.
  • Connects you to your team and the tasks which it must achieve.
  • Helps you to articulate a genuine culture of servanthood.
  • CIRCLE is informed at all levels by values of servant leadership.
  • CIRCLE builds cultures conducive to excellence in leadership and learning. We work with schools and other organisations to develop leadership in schools with staff as well as youth.


Our Logo

Our logo is drawn from a family heritage of art-making, design and creativity. It comprises a series of layered imperfect transparent circles that represent the interconnection and intricacies of organisational culture building.

Our circle moulds to the shape that people require. Our logo isn’t a perfect circle because we are flexible and push boundaries. We are creative and develop ideas and solutions that are personalised. Not everyone fits into the perfect mould of a circle and so we tailor our services to match the uniqueness of each school and organisation.