CIRCLE’s Clients

We develop close and abiding partnerships with our clients.

We have learned that what we are best at is the development of long-term relationships with clients that act to support the growth and alignment of strategic intent, warranted practice, desired outcomes, and lasting positive culture. In doing so, we seek to help them to identify where they are now, where they need to be, and how best to journey towards this preferred future.

We have developed the capacity to identify and serve clients who are curious about education, inherently dissatisfied with the status quo, and driven to create a lasting legacy. They are professionals who are ready for change and who want to join with and lead their communities to tell a unique story about the yesterday, today, and tomorrow of their school. They seek to clarify and reinforce those things that will make a genuine difference in ensuring that their students, their colleagues, and their communities are fit for purpose and future-oriented. They hold themselves and others to a high standard of organisational, professional, and personal performance.

We provide a deep understanding of their needs that is grounded upon an intimate knowledge of the specifics of their community that is augmented by a wide appreciation of all aspects of our industry and the expectations of the societies that our schools serve. Our clients value the practical succinct wisdom about their preferred future that we offer within deep relationships of trust and confidence. They appreciate the professional networks that we have built from which they derive collegiality, a point of reference to the best of external practice, and a sense of like-mindedness and collaboration in the pursuit of their goals. They are open to new ideas about education supported by ongoing, evidence-based research and development.

In short, what our clients seek from us are competencies that are relational, strategic, evidence-based, and culturally attuned towards a process of transformation that is informed by this community of practice. Our work, therefore, speaks as much to the “why” as it does to the “what” and “how” of helping people to become better learners and therefore better versions of themselves. Inherently, it requires of them a commitment to purpose, a willingness to listen, and an adherence to a process that will enable them to make a tangible difference in the outcomes of their students and their communities.

Drawing on our research and the work of other leading educators, we collaborate with school leaders, governors and practitioners to co-create sustainable solutions that contribute to enduring cultures of excellence in leadership and learning within evidence-based communities of inquiry and practice. These solutions do not manifest overnight. Often, these are the result of some 3-5 years of patient work together as client and consultant. Our work is governed by agreements written first as Proposals and then refined annually into Terms of Reference documents, the deliverables for which will usually be structured according to the CIRCLE 5D Consulting Methodology:

Discover: What do we know about our performance and culture?

  • Discovery surveys
  • Culture Capture focus groups

Diagnose: What key patterns and trends can we observe from the data?

  • Framing + Focusing workshops
  • Preferred Futures surveys and workshops

Decide: What should we do?

  • Long Term Vision workshops and statement
  • Strategic Intent workshops and statement

Direct: What approach can we use to do this well?

  • Strategic Blueprint workshops and statement
  • Educational Framework workshops and documentation
  • Professional Learning Strategy workshops and statement
  • Performance Development System design, implementation and support
  • Leadership Development Program design, implementation and support

Deploy: How are we going to get there?

  • Operational Planner workshops and documentation
  • Evaluation and Reporting Systems design, implementation and support

This all typically involves agreed deliverables that will incorporate onsite and virtual meetings, workshops, and a combination of face-to-face, blended, and online professional learning and performance development. All of these services and products are supported by offsite preparation and liaison by our dedicated team. We bring our deep first-hand understanding of what is happening in the daily practice and culture of the best schools around the world, drawn from our global practice in North America, Europe and the United Kingdom, South Africa, South-East Asia, New Zealand, and our original home country, Australia.