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To strengthen strategic direction, operations and the teaching enterprise, decision-making in the 21st Century school must be data-driven. However, most educators, and especially teachers, are not trained in working with statistics, and where there is an interest in more sophisticated research methods, a lack of both time and expertise mitigate against that interest being nurtured and pursued.

CIRCLE Research offers a unique combination of practical and applied experience in schools with research and statistical expertise.

CIRCLE Research is a diverse research service offering hands-on research support to educators and delivering practical succinct educational information that addresses best practice, current trends and other global educational areas of interest.

We provide:

+ Research Products: The Design, Testing, Implementation and Evaluation of Survey Tools

+ Research Services: Supporting schools with design of tools, collection and collation of data, analysis and interpretation of data.

+ Research Projects: Designing, testing, implementing, managing, reporting on and evaluating stand alone research projects. CIRCLE Research is currently working in conjunction with the University of Tasmania along with schools from around the world on a three-year project to develop tools to measure the efficacy of Character Education programs.

CIRCLE Research also assists CIRCLE Consulting and CIRCLE Education with research services for publications, marketing and evaluation purposes.

Character Education Project

The central aim of this research is to develop a means of measuring school-based character education programs. Many schools set out to develop certain character strengths but currently there is a need for more research to allow them to evaluate if they are accomplishing the things they think they are via their character education programs.

Research associated with this project is being conducted in conjunction with the Education faculty of the University of Tasmania. Twenty-one schools associated with the International Boys’ Schools Coalition have so far been involved in the provision of preliminary survey data about the development of character strengths in their schools, with some of these schools being more deeply involved in the development of measures.

Any schools interested in being involved in this research project should contact us via the website.

MCEP Conversations

IBSC Annual Conference 2013:
Measuring character education: Well-intentioned inputs and unclear outputs?

IBSC Annual Conference 2014:
The Story So Far: The Measuring Character Education Project

IBSC Annual Conference 2015:
The Measuring Character Education Project: 2015 conversation

Project Bulletins

> Volume 1 Issue 1
> Volume 1 Issue 2
> Volume 1 Issue 3
> Volume 1 Issue 4

Project Articles

> Smart and Good Schools Report
> Framework
> Research Based Character Education
> Values Education in School

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