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An exciting opportunity for enthusiastic educators from around the world to contribute to CIRCLE Publications!


Write for CIRCLE Publications

As we are committed to expanding our scope and helping more educational leaders, we are looking for writers from a wide range of backgrounds, cultures and expertise.

Why Write for Us?

This would be a great opportunity to be part of a global community of writers passionate about education, sharing knowledge, insight and research that would further support learners, educators and leaders in the education community. It would also enhance your portfolio, increase your recognition and help you develop professionally.

Who reads CIRCLE Publications?

CIRCLE Publications equip, empower and enable educational leaders to provide better outcomes for more learners that is distributed in schools around Australia, New Zealand and Asia Pacific. It is available in print and online and provides school leaders, executive teams, teaching, operational and pastoral care leaders and staff with their own monthly journal containing targeted, research driven and practice oriented articles. Each month, our expert team of writers discuss a topic, such as risk management, and consider it from various perspectives that will inform staff members across the whole school community.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for professors, principals, teachers, school executives, psychologists, researchers, educational consultants and PhD students. We also welcome industry professionals with fresh ideas, interesting comments and practical advice.

How to write for us?

We look for articles (750 to 1000 words) that are insightful and caters to a wide range of audience in the educational community. Articles should:

+ Be research based
+ Contain practical recommendations and tips


For more information on joining our team of writers, please contact

CIRCLE Publications

CIRCLE produces a wide range of publications, which aim to provide school leaders, teachers and staff with the highest quality of professional learning.

+ Our flagship publication is CIRCLE Nexus, a monthly journal of insight and practical, succinct advice by experienced educators. Tackling challenging issues and often provocative, CIRCLE Nexus is designed to spark professional conversation and stimulate action for school improvement.
+ CIRCLE Nexus is available on-line as CIRCLE Central. CIRCLE Central is a searchable online archive of over 900 CSM articles, easily accessible on all mobile devices, with the facility to comment on and share articles with your colleagues.
+ CIRCLE produces a range of Books for students, teachers and aspiring leaders, which cover all realms of leadership and management in schools. We have undertaken a number of exciting collaborations with other educational leaders, to produce best-selling books such as Empowering Young Woman and Brave Hearts Bold Minds.