CIRCLE Consulting helps schools and other organisations improve their planning, problem-solving and systems through a process of discovery, culture capture, strategy, blueprint and solutions architecture development.

CIRCLE Consulting draws on our proven range of education-specific consultancy tools, all of which are supported by the CIRCLE School Framework – a conceptual grid of domains and criteria that flows through all aspects of school life. We also integrate our consultancy support with other services to provide a complete model of support for your school’s needs.

We offer a range of evidence-based solutions that are tailored to the unique needs of your school or organisation in:

+ Educational strategy
+ School planning
+ Community engagement
+ Search and recruitment
+ Project management
+ Liaison and networking

Our data-driven practise means that our consulting services have a basis of research at their core. We start by asking questions of you and your school community, and build up a picture of performance and culture. We then survey existing practise, analyse intent, and work out what the best mission possible is for you and your team. If we come across something that we haven’t already experienced, we will put into practise a series of research processes to work out the best possible solution under the circumstances, for you and your school. We then build a solutions architecture that will help you map out a series of milestones over the months and years ahead.

CIRCLE’s consulting processes are distinguished by its unique knowledge architecture based on more than thirty years of experience. We understand what works best in schools, and we know how to package together the concepts and tools that will help you to do what you do, better.

At CIRCLE we think that the key benefits for schools in a relationship with us derives from the value that we add to everyday practice. We build a close relationship with you and your team, while retaining the objectivity of a third party. We can help you package change in such a way that its attainable, achievable and even welcomed by the school community, for the tangible benefits that it offers to students and adults and to the school community at large.

The CIRCLE Consulting Process:



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