Building Leadership: A Course in Leadership Development for Current and Aspiring School Administrators

Building Leadership: A Course in Leadership Development for Current and Aspiring Boys’ School Administrators

16 July – 10 August 2018

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This global online course will give an overview of the theory and practice of leadership in the school environment and is applicable for current and aspiring leaders across the school spectrum (from educators to those in school operations). Participants will explore and apply models and frameworks for personal and team leadership. They will be required to review and evaluate their own personal leadership skills and styles, and those of a leadership team within their school. As a result of this process and equipped with the skills attained during this course, participants will be able to identify their leadership strengths and build a professional learning plan for development. Throughout this course, special attention will be paid to the unique mission, expertise, and culture of boys’ schools in relation to the challenges and opportunities for effective leadership.


The course is designed primarily for newly appointed school administrators or those who have recently taken on leadership roles such as department head, pastoral leader, director, or assistant head. The course will also appeal to those who aspire to leadership positions, and who wish to develop their readiness to lead. Those who have been in leadership positions for a number of years will find that this course will deepen their reflective practice and growth as impactful school leaders.

Course Format

Classes are conducted asynchronously, so there is no single time each week when participants are required to be online. However, participants should commit to spending at least 3-5 hours each week the class is in session. Coursework and assignments for each unit open on Monday morning and should be completed by the following Sunday evening. Grace periods are given, but interaction is more effective when the entire class is working on the same topic. Participants will connect and collaborate with each other through several forms of interactive media, including short videos and discussion boards.

About Facilitator:

Brad Adams is Director of CIRCLE Education, and brings to this role 25 years of experience in university administration, teaching and school leadership in Toronto, Canada, most recently at Upper Canada College. He was, until 2014, the Executive Director of the International Boys’ Schools Coalition (IBSC), an association comprised of leading independent and state boys’ schools in all regions of the world, including Australia, and dedicated to best of class practice and collaborative research. He shares CIRCLE’s passion for and commitment to unleashing the leadership potential of teachers and schools to improve student learning.


  • $445 (USD) for participants from IBSC Member Schools
  • $575 (USD) for all other participants.

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