CIRCLE – The Centre for Innovation, Research, Creativity and Leadership in Education

CIRCLE – The Centre for Innovation, Research, Creativity and Leadership in Education Pty Ltd – is an executive agency that helps schools, organisations and leaders to improve their performance by thinking strategically, acting wisely and using resources well.

We focus on three main areas in our work:

  1. Strategy, governance and leadership in education: CIRCLE helps align strategic intentions with its approach to governance and educational activity by designing and embedding strategy into a school’s culture and operations.
  2. Fit for purpose 21C education: CIRCLE’s solutions address the potential gap between intentions for school improvement in a 21st century context, and the actions and measures needed to achieve desired outcomes, especially the character and competencies that school graduates require to thrive today and tomorrow.
  3. Performance development: CIRCLE supports schools to transition from a focus on responsive operational thinking to leadership of proactive planning and implementation, especially with the design and implementation of effective approaches to professional learning of staff – the most critical asset for any school community in terms of capacity to deliver the educational brand promise.

We do this within an integrated group of companies and a global team of educators and associates who give us the capacity to help schools through:

  • Management consulting in education
  • Research, publications, and professional learning
  • Performance development programs and software

CIRCLE’s range of services centre on effective solutions for educational institutions across each of these areas is delivered in four core service streams: