CIRCLE – The Centre for Innovation, Research, Creativity and Leadership in Education

We understand how best to embrace the challenge of 21C education.

CIRCLE – The Centre for Innovation, Research, Creativity and Leadership in Education is an executive agency in education that is passionate about helping schools to develop the organisational, professional and personal competencies to align their performance with the needs of 21C society. We do this because of our unwavering commitment to improving outcomes for more learners.

As James Martin, the noted pioneer of 21C technology, once said in The meaning of the 21st century (2006) that:

To make human civilization work well [with 21C technologies] and exist at peace with Gaia, we need another revolution, putting into place the desirable management, laws, controls, protocols, methodologies and means of governance. This is a complex and absolutely necessary transition – the 21st Century Revolution … Whether the revolution happens smoothly depends on the education that is put in place and how widely it is acted upon.

Our core purpose, therefore, is to build cultures of excellence in leadership and learning that equip more students with the character and competencies needed to thrive in their world. In doing so, we seek to assist schools to become evidence-based communities of inquiry and practice that are focused on educating fit for purpose 21C citizens. CIRCLE understands the significance of this challenge. The process of building strategic capacity to improve outcomes for learners is clearly aligned to our own organisational values:

  • Meaning: knowing what is right – leadership “for good”
  • Transformation: enabling change – leadership “for change”
  • Authenticity: acknowledging truth – leadership “for real”
  • Sustainability: nurturing the team and protecting resources – leadership “for life”
  • Service: serving others first – leadership “for others”
  • Relationships: encouraging and empowering community – leadership “for each other”

With this in mind, CIRCLE seeks to: